Norco Game Dev

Dream. Design. Develop.


Who We Are

We are a community of curious, creative, and passionate game developers. We share a love of great game play, a curiosity for learning the "how" behind the technical magic, and the skilled expertise to prototype it, test it and polish it; we turn the abstract into the concrete.

We are Dreamers; full of ideas, creativity, 'what if' questions and 'why not' answers.

We are Designers; planning, collaborating, documenting, and prototyping, to find the fun and keep the vision focused.

We are Developers; with creative, technical, and artistic skills; with an eye for detail, and the grit to get it done and get it right.

Why Us

For us, Game Development is not just a hobby, it's a career choice. Our faculty are experienced industry professionals and committed to your success. Our community of game dev students is closely knit, bonded by a shared love of game development and a commitment to creating your future. Multiple educational pathways provide you with options to focus on game art, game design, or game programming. Hands-on learning, innovating, and collaborating under the direction of seasoned game dev educators is at the core of these programs. Your game dev education culminates in a Game Studio Production class which mimics a game studio production pipeline and utilizes industry standard techniques for asset management, version control and team communication. You will create an original game as part of an interdisciplinary team of game artists, game designers, and game programmers. Your portfolio will be polished, and you will be ready for either transfer to a university or entry level employment in a game studio.


What Do we offer?

  • Game Design Certificate
  • Game Programming Certificate
  • Game Art: Environments and Vehicles Certificate
  • Game Art: Character Modeling Certificates
  • Game Design AS Degree
  • Game Programming AS Degree
  • Game Art: Environments and Vehicles AS Degree
  • Game Art: Character Modeling AS Degree
  • Game Programming Transfer Options
  • Game Design Transfer Options
  • Game Art Transfer Options