STUDENT Testimonials

     “The professors at Norco College are incredibly passionate about what they do. Being able to create the content they teach based on their industry experience is invaluable as well. They know what the students should be learning about for a subject and most of what was taught has stuck with me and proven to be true as I work every day.”
— Anthony, Game Programming & Game Design
     “I’ve started a Master’s program for game design and it’s legitimately impressive how much we learned in the Principles of Game Design class. I feel incredibly prepared for this program. They bring up a lot of concepts and I’m like, “yes, I’m very familiar with that.’”
— Christopher, Game Programming & Game Design

     "Norco College gave me solid foundations. It is important for any new student to understand the fundamentals of 3D modeling. 
— Jason, Game Art specializing in 3D Modeling
     "In addition to the skills and knowledge I've acquired, the Norco College Game Dev faculty also imbued in me the attitude and work ethic necessary to reach my potential. I think that is very important."
— Braydon, Game Art specializing in Character Modeling

     "I loved my classes at Norco and was always excited to get to class just because it was centered around something I love. The best part was that all the professors were just as passionate as I was, of course ready to help when needed as any good professor would be, but more importantly, were always great to be around when not in class, always talking about what games they are currently playing or different events around the industry and such. Overall, it didn't even feel like school. It's always great to learn about what you love."
— Edison, Game Programming
     “Norco College gave me a solid foundation by which to take my first step into the industry. Both in the professional world, and as I pursue higher education. Norco more than prepared me for the realities of games development. The single most important component of the Norco Game Development program is the faculty. They’re not only very knowledgeable but extremely passionate about student success.”
— Chance, Game Programming & Game Design

     “Norco Game Development professors are wonderful, knowledgeable, and best of all, connected! They’ll hook you up!”
— Aidan, Game Programming & Game Design
     “The application of game concepts in what would otherwise be normal programming courses, showed me how easy it would be to choose game programming as a career.”
— Trevor, Game Programming

     “Norco professors encourage students to learn inside and outside the classroom. They will also go out of their way to help with any problem you come across.”
— Skyler, Game Programming & Game Design
     "I received education from actual industry professionals, which gave me the experience necessary to pursue a career in Game Development."
— Brent, Game Design