Game Programming


Students completing the Game Programming Certificate or A.S. degree will be well qualified in the process of designing and coding programming logic for games including coding game rules, mechanics, and simulations to create complete modules and game experiences. 


Certificate Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Assemble multimedia assets into a single project and provide meaning and structure to those assets through programmatic solutions.
  • Construct complex systems to facilitate game rules, mechanics, and simulations.
  • Build games or applications driven by mathematics and physics concepts in an architecturally sound software design.
  • Apply concepts and techniques in game programming to create complete modules and game experiences at an advanced level.
  • Create an industry-standard portfolio containing code samples from class projects.
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills effectively with colleagues on an industry production project.


Required Courses (37 - 38 units)

GAM-35: Introduction to Simulation and Game Development (3 units)*

GAM-24: Video Game Prototyping (4 units) * | Prerequisite: GAM-50

GAM-44: Portfolio Production (2 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-52

GAM-50: Introduction to Game Programming (3 units)*

GAM-51: Game Mechanics and Simulation (3 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-50, MAT-35

GAM-52: Game Engine Scripting I (3 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-50

GAM-53: Game Engine Scripting II (3 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-52

GAM-79F: Game Studio Production: Game Programming (4 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-52

MAT-35: Intermediate Algebra (5 units)* | Prerequisite: MAT-52 or Qualifying Placement


Required Electives (6 - 7 Units)

GAM-21: History of Video Games (3 units)*

GAM-22: Game Design Principles (4 units)*

GAM-80: Digital Drawing for Game Art (4 units)*

GAM-81: 3D Modeling and Texturing (4 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-80


* This class transfers towards one or more CSUSB or CalPoly majors. Visit or the Counseling office for details. 

An Associate of Science Degree in Game Programming will be awarded upon completion of the required courses (37/38 units) plus the General Education requirements. Please refer to the Norco College Catalog or visit the Counseling Center.