Game Design


Students completing the Game Design Certificate or A.S. degree will be well qualified in the game design process, including game design documentation, standard game design techniques, and tools for rapid prototyping including both non-digital and digital methods. Students will be prepared for transfer to a university game design program or to enter the field as an independent designer, assistant producer, or junior level designer. 


Certificate Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply the principles of theoretically sound game design including gameplay, core mechanics, game balancing, and iterative rapid prototyping to produce both non-digital and digital original games.
  • Contribute to a comprehensive game design document which facilitates team management including communication, milestones/deadlines and responsiveness.
  • Develop content that contributes to a milestone based studio pipeline.
  • Demonstrate mastery of interdisciplinary communication and team skills while working with colleagues on an industry standard production project.
  • Create an industry standard portfolio utilizing games and class projects.


Required Courses (33 units)

GAM-21: History of Video Games (3 units)*

GAM-22: Game Design Principles (4 units)*

GAM-23: Digital Game Design (4 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-22

GAM-24: Video Game Prototyping (4 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-50

GAM-35: Introduction to Simulation and Game Development (3 units)*

GAM-44: Portfolio Production (2 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-23

GAM-50: Introduction to Game Programming (3 units)*

GAM-79E: Game Studio: Game Design Capstone (4 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-24

GAM-80: Digital Drawing for Game Art (4 units)*

GAM-81: 3D Modeling and Texturing (4 units)* | Prerequisite: GAM-80


* This class transfers towards one or more CSUSB or CalPoly majors. Visit or the Counseling office for details. 

An Associate of Science Degree in Game Design will be awarded upon completion of the required courses (33 units) plus the General Education requirements. Please refer to the Norco College Catalog or visit the Counseling Center.