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Judy Perry

Judy Perry has been teaching game design classes for ten years at Norco College and has taught Computer Science for over 24 years. With a background in battle simulation development for the navy, transitioning to game development has been natural, rewarding, and challenging. Her favorite part of teaching is mentoring students and watching their passion drive theireducation. Her favorite class to teach is GAM: 22 Game Design Principles. Judy’s favorite digital game is Journey. Her favorite board game is Pandemic.



James Finley

James Finley has been developing games professionally since 2007. In addition to a full-time Game Dev teacher at Norco College, he currently holds positions as CEO of Broken Circle Studios LLC and Unity Studios, North America. During the course of his career, he has built games for numerous platforms and well known game companies including Sega, Adult Swim Games, Turbine, and others. Specializing in business and product development, as well as programming and technical art, he enjoys bringing his wealth of hard earned experience to the classrooms of Norco College. His favorite game is Bloodborne (for sure).




John Coverdale was first introduced to videogames by Pong when his parents bought an Atari Home Pong Console in 1975. He has taught full-time at Norco College for 20 years, in both the CIS and GAM disciples. John regularly teaches GAM-35: Introduction to Game Development  and GAM-21: History of Video Games. Currently GAM-21 is his favorite class, and (for now) his favorite video game is Bioshock.



Gil Marquez

Gil Marquez is a Multimedia Artist who has worked in multiple areas of digital design including Game Development, Television, Motion Graphics, Effects Animation, and Graphic Design. He designed art features for How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek rides for the theme park Motion Gate in Dubai, and art for Cobra's Revenge at Bush Gardens in Florida. In 2009 Gil won an Emmy for his Motion Graphics and Animation work in a televised education series entitled Understanding Chemistry in Our World.  Above all, Gil is a passionate instructor who puts his students first. Gil's favorite compliment is when, after taking his class, students say they see the world through shape and color for the first time.




Taber Dunipace is a freelance artist and educator specializing in 3D art and animation. For the last seven years, he has taught a wide range of digital arts subjects, including character animation, digital painting, game development, and animation of all kinds. Taber also frequently contracts for both commercial animation and mobile games. His favorite game of all time is Dungeon Keeper 2 because of the immense amount of quirky personality and cute details put into every aspect of gameplay.



Tim Pryor

Tim Pryor has a multi-disciplinary background in production management, sound design, and programming in the game industry. His favorite classes to teach are CIS-5 because students learn the fundamentals of programming for the first time and GAM-24 because students are introduced to rapid prototyping and the game production process . Tim loves the reward of watching new students find their passion for the craft of game development. His favorite games are anything Blizzard as well as his favorite game from childhood, Starcraft.



Jessiah Ruiz

Jessiah Ruiz has been working in software engineering and information technology for almost twenty years. In 2008 he cofounded Broken Circle Studios, and is currently the Chief Technical Officer for the game development company. Jessiah’s broad scope of knowledge and deep experience, combined with his desire to share that with others led him naturally into teaching. Jessiah routinely teaches the capstone course, Game Studio Production, in which he leads a team of students with multi-disciplinary game dev skills in designing and developing an original game, utilizing industry standard techniques, in one semester.



Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman is a  game designer and developer with ten years of experience working in and with academic and indie studios. Mark loves to help students learn to design new and interesting systems as well as teach them how a game comes together through collaboration and dedication. He champions good team practices and a thoughtful design approach to what makes a game fun, enjoyable, and rewarding from both a player's perspective and the development team's perspective. Mark’s favorite games are Chrono Trigger and Magic: The Gathering.


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Alice Andreini

Alice Andreini is a visual artist and painter. Her specialty is creating environments and spatial worlds. Alice worked as a scene designer for the theater and applies the same basic principles creating virtual environments for game design. Texture, lighting, color, form, spatial extension and enclosure all contribute as a meaningful “background” for the story. Alice’s more recent focus is painting and drawing in which she depicts spatial abstractions which evoke the experience of duration. The painting does not move or change, but through attentive viewing the sensations of space and time fluctuate. Her favorite game is Myst.